Here’s the weird thing about a hospital, you become friends with kids that you’d never know in a million years—the walls kind of fall down.

meet the blogger

name: amelie
nickname: amz, amé, amy, millie, amam.
favourite flower: sunflowers
favourite fruit: apples, pineapples and strawberries are at a tie.
favourite ice-cream flavour: mint chocolate chip or cookie dough 
favourite pastime: watching tv shows, reading, tumblr, walking my dog, going to concerts, procrastinating my school work, you name it.
day or night: night 
chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
how do you take you coffee/tea: iced and blended
zodiac sign: virgo
your catchphrase: "yeah I know" because let’s face it I know a lot of things.

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Don’t worry, Anna. I will find you.

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“Just as Charming’s always been the one to uplift and remind Snow of her strengths in times of chaos, Killian’s the one who embodies Emma’s compass.”


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unless another monster appears and kills me

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That’s how I remember this scene

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I feel like this season is basically gonna be me changing my sidebar and icon every damn episode from excitement. 

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“[Emma] hasn’t had the space to be vulnerable without being incredibly hurt or taken advantage of or put in a bad situation,” Morrison explains, “For the first time, maybe ever, or not since she was a very young child is in a very vulnerable state. That’s very uncomfortable for her, but exciting because that means there’s so much potential for growth.”

— Jennifer Morrison about CS (x)

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Season four, here we go :)

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Elizabeth Lail as Princess Anna in A Tale of Two Sisters
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D’you know what killed me the most?

The way Emma was around him the entire episode. Just so open and affectionate and her face when he’s talking is just so, ugh, like how you look at someone you love doing the things they do.



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