It actually doesn’t matter whether or not the hand was cursed or if it was psychological manipulation. Hook didn’t want to be that person, he didn’t want to revert back to who he had been before. Which is why he made the deal with Rumple to get rid of the hand. He’s pretty much the ONLY villain who doesn’t want to be a villain. 

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Bell Centre | Montreal, Canada [10/19/14]

You’re just going to keep me in here because I broke into a bloody library?

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  • Killian: *slaps Rumple in the face*
  • Rumple: What the--
  • Killian: Sorry, evil hand.
  • Rumple: What do you mean--
  • Killian: *punches jaw*
  • Rumple: Will you--
  • Killian: *yanks hair*
  • Rumple: Why can't you--
  • Killian: *punches groin*
  • Rumple: FOR THE LOVE OF--
  • Killian: *backhands face*
  • Rumple: ...
  • Killian: ...
  • Rumple: ...
  • Killian: Sorry.
  • Killian: *waves cheekily*
  • Killian: Evil hand.
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#he’s never gonna let her live that down #lmao

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#emma’s first date with hook: the charmings

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i’ve got a date with emma. should things go well and she wants me to hold her,
                                   i want to use        b o t h      h a n d s.

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Here, have a close up. *throws confetti* Here, have two. *throws more confetti*

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How to sum up the date : they really want to bang

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Google+ Hangout and Q&A with Demi Lovato

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If somebody walked in here and saw us, they’d be like, “Look at those two totally normal roommates. I bet they never sucked face.” But we did. You sucked my face.

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